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Speech by Ambassador LIU Jin on the 5th China-CEEC Dance Culture Union Annual Conference
2021-12-02 17:20

Distiguished Guests, 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Good Morning and Good Afternoon!

It is my great honour to be invited to the 5th Annual Conference of the China-CEEC Dance Culture Union. Please allow me to extend my warm congratulations to all the members and partners of China-CEEC Dance Culture Union on this occasion.

The art of dance conveys the love of life, the confidence of the future and the pursuit of excellence. During the pandemic, dancing epitomizes the optimistic spirit of human beings as sunshine penetrates the gloom, transmitting warmth, soothing the soul and inspiring courage. The art of dance embodies the spirit of the people, national philosophy and historical traditions, and is also a bridge that connects different civilizations, deepens understanding, unites consensus and promotes friendship. In the past year, all the dance artists of Dance Culture Union have shown extraordinary courage and resilience, overcoming difficulties and persevering to make positive contributions to friendly exchanges and unity against the pandemic between China and Europe. I would like to pay tribute to you all for your efforts and achievements.

In the nine years since the establishment of the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism, the traditional friendship between the two sides has been further consolidated and the connotation of people-to-people exchanges has been enriched. Under the vigorous promotion of the Union and the active participation of the Union members, the exchanges and cooperation in the field of dance have been fruitful and have become a highlight of the arts and humanities exchanges between China and Europe. I am glad to see that the University of Montenegro and the Ballet School Princeza Ksenija are also enthusiastically involved in this project, bringing vigor and vitality to the people-to-people exchanges between China, Montenegro, and central and eastern European countries.

China and Europe are both passionate about culture and art, and openness, tolerance and eclecticism are our common national characteristics. I hope that through this annual conference, a more solid foundation will be laid for cooperation between the two sides in the field of dance art and even all cultural and artistic exchanges. I would like to work together with all of you to take the friendly relations to a new stage, and to set a good example of the harmonious coexistence between different civilizations and win-win cooperation in the world. 

Not long ago, the lighting of the Olympic flame for the Beijing Winter Olympics was lit in Olympia. The world officially enters the Winter Olympics time, which inspires people of all walks of life around the globe. I hope that artists of the China-CEEC Dance Culture Union take this opportunity to create more classic art works, promoting the Olympic spirit and inject more confidence and hope for mankind to work together and cope with challenges!

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there is a popular Chinese saying that “There is no winter that is insurmountable, and no spring that will not come.” Let’s pray that people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in various fields between China and Europe will finally return to normal when Spring comes.We shall meet at some place and talk face to face.

Thank you!

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